Engagement Challenges Across Industries

Employee Engagement

Employee disengagement is a well documented phenomenon that lowers productivity, increases turnover, and poisons customer relationships. The menu of solutions could involve adjustments to the built environment, culture management, or compensation, but it always involves dialogue that refocuses employees and management on shared goals. How engaged are your employees?

What we've learned about employees...


Parent engagement

Schools struggle to achieve meaningful educational outcomes for kids. Unfortunately, student success depends on parent behavior. In 2014, Matt launched The Educational Makeover to directly target parents in engagement efforts. For schools to be successful, they must abandon traditional engagement efforts and embrace an Adaptive Approach that disrupts normal parent-school interactions. How does your school/district engage families?

How parents approach schools...

How schools approach parents...


Client Engagement

Businesses, Nonprofits and Congregations of all types have hidden barriers to client engagement. Identifying, confronting, and disrupting these barriers requires support and a long-term plan. It also requires a deep commitment to elevating the voice of clients within your organization. This begins with "intentional listening" and keeps the organization within earshot of your clients at all times. How are your clients engaging in your business or congregation? 


A bit of fun... An example of what not to do.

Engagement Strategies are those efforts that improve the level of COGNITIVE, EMOTIONAL, and BEHAVIORAL investment in an idea, brand or company.
Cognitive, Emotional, and Behavioral Investment

Engagement 101

  • Engagement does not work unless there is disruption.

  • All parties must be led to imagine a different, and more mutually beneficial, relationship.

  • The goal of engagement is to improve institutional and individual outcomes by repositioning institutions and individuals as "co-owners."



My work begins with a thorough inspection of your needs and goals (real and perceived). In this process, I seek evidence of the institutional values and leadership commitment that are essential for engagement to occur. In particular, I seek clients who share my deep respect for all people and a sincere willingness to engage diverse populations for the mutual betterment of your institution and their lives.

Workshops and Presentations


I regularly lead workshops and presentations on issues at the nexus of education, faith, and family. Recent presentations include multiple radio shows, church convenings, and educational trainings.